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Prelude to FFXIV CE & OB ImpressionsFollow

#1 Sep 19 2010 at 6:14 PM Rating: Decent
Well for some it will be this Wednesday or later due to the Carrier service delays, shipping method or whatever.

So far the open beta has been a nice one and ill just share a few boring views with yall of what to expect for the release date from my perspective of course (ill try to keep it brief).

Limsa - Wonderful huge elevated/floating city where most of my craft classes will be at. I love how you have about half land and half ocean you can see below with a pirate style to it including the big ships (i realized i mistyped "ships" to something else i wont say what, good thing i caught it in time before i hit Post Message) that gives it a nice pirate style to it.
The outer area is rocky and grassy with many gaps and height levels that seems like a greener Sarutabaruta (ffxi) but with way more ridges.
Gridania - The city of my choice. Lush in forestry and magic looks just gorgeous, energetic and tranquil. I like the way the huge trees and flowing water in the city all blend in with the magic and green life surrounding the cottages.
The outer area is rich in plant life and has a magical feel to it. Though im not crazy about the directed path the area has, i was hoping for a more open area environment.
Ul'Dah - Didn't spend that much time here but this is a great looking city like a cross between Sandy and Jeuno but more vibrant. Huge complex of city/castle like place with merchants all over. Very exciting place to be at.
The outer area although may be dry but is still beautiful and very wide open area which i like. Very easy to move through and lots of space.

I still plan on starting out in Gridania but other cities would be better for me. Lima has the culinary class i want and Ul'dah has the food merchants i will need. Plus besides doing Culinarian and Conjurer i also heard rumor about Anarchist being im Limsa that i also want to take up so i don't know yet.

The battle system take a short while to get use to. Not bad in terms of button use to attack but i wish magic classes could have used magic without holding their weapon. I like to cast while my weapon is on my back and only use my hand/arms which looks very cool.

This is getting way to long so ill super shorten it up:\

* Few issues like the no crossfire while windowed mode sucks but will prolly be fixed by release.
* Believe it or not some too weak (way below easy prey blue dot) mobs still arggo which is weird.
* The Anima could be all used up in a few days which would suck. I hope some mage can teleport later on.
* The scariest thing ive encountered was the first day while exploring some taru (forgot what they are called) was running past me (tat tat tat tat!) and i was like WTF is that?
One last one:
* Ive noticed that many to most players chose either real dark or real pale for the character's color. I don't really care or have a problem with it but my question is why? Ive even seen a few very red Galkas (in subligars).

Any other impressions?

One day maybe:
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