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Hello everyone!

While most of us are waiting for our CEs to arrive, and suffering mild to severe withdrawals from lack of FFXIV, here are some information that I have compiled from beta that may be interesting to read. Feel free to share with us your own fun facts:

Mob Families
Currently, there are at least 11 families of monsters found in Eorzea. Why 11? It is the total number of 'Eluder' skills found from the various guilds. This is just a theory of what mobs may be classified under each family.
  • Seedkin - Plantoids
  • Cloudkin - Flying
  • Wavekin - Aquans
  • Scalekin - Reptiles
  • Vilekin - Insects/Evil?
  • Beastkin - Animals/Insects? (Chigoes drop Beastkin Blood.)
  • Soulkin - Ghosts/Elementals?
  • Ashkin - Dragons?
  • Forgekin - Bombs/Machines?
  • Spoken - Humanoids
  • Voidsent - Undead/Demons?

Eorzean Time
In each city, there is a stack of tomes '???' that can be targeted that offer two books containing some background on Eorzea, one of which is "The Five Ages - An Eorzean Chronology." This book writes on the division of time in Eorzea. Perhaps it simply serves as lore, but for those who read deeply into things they may find some use for crafting from the first 3 chapters... Who knows?
  • Chapter I - The Suns: This chapter says that each day is a period of 4 cycles of the 6 elemental hours - Ice, Water, Wind, Lightning, Fire, and Earth. That makes 24 hours in one Eorzean day.
  • Chapter II - The Moons: This chapter says that each month is a span of 4 cycles of 8 Suns (or days), resulting in a total of 32 days for each Eorzean month. The cycle of 8 days comprise of the 6 elements and 2 polarities - Ice, Water, Wind, Lightning, Fire, Earth, Astral, and Umbral.
  • Chapter III - The Years: This chapter says that each Eorzean year is made of 12 Moons (or months), with is a cycle of the 6 elements and 2 polarities. So you get 1st Astral and 1st Umbral (Ice); 2nd Astral and 2nd Umbral (Water); 3rd Astral and 3rd Umbral (Wind); 4th Astral and 4th Umbral (Lightning); 5th Astral and 5th Umbral (Fire); 6th Astral and 6th Umbral (Earth.)
  • Chapter IV - Of Man: This chapter states that one era is a cycle of 12 years, with each year being governed by each of the Twelve gods.
  • Chapter V - Of Gods: This final chapter describes that there are Astral Eras which see man flourish and prosper; and Umbral Eras that see them falter and doubt. It goes on to say how 6 cycles of Eras have come to pass, and the next will be the Seventh Umbral Era, an age of darkness that will bring an unknown future for mankind.

Other Places
The names of these other places not yet found in the game are taken from the descriptions of various items NPC vendors sell. Most likely included just for lore.
  • Bianaq Island: Mentioned in the descriptions of Coral Butterfly and Vongola Clam. Likely referring to an island near Limsa Lominsa, since these fishes are found in the region.
  • Meracydia Continent: Mentioned in the description of Aloe. Likely referring to a place off the map of Eorzea, to the South.
  • Western Continent: Mentioned in the description of Popoto. Likely referring to a place off the map of Eorzea, to the West.
  • Near East and Far East: Mentioned in the descriptions of various items, for example Wild Onion and Pearl Ginger.
  • Likely referring to places to the East of Eorzea.
  • The New Continent: Mentioned in the descriptions of Nopales and Millioncorn. Maybe referring to the North, since the other three directions have been covered?

Thank you for your time!

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Spoken = Humanoids
Voidsent = Demon and undead for sure.
Beastkin = the "beast" type of enemies like Ogres iirc.

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Spoken - Beastmen?

Spoken = Dutch/German for ghosts...
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Thanks Jennestia for the clarification. :)
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Yeah, chigoes I believe are vilekin. the chigoes drop beastkin blood because they drink it. Like how bats and leeches used to drop random blood in ffxi.
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