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Click and Pay info, and billing question.Follow

#1 Sep 22 2010 at 4:25 AM Rating: Decent
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OK, after I did the click and pay. Which, I was already tapped out, down to 1.89 on my debit, now I'm $3 dollar overdraft (luckily I get 6 free overdrafts a year)

The verification from click and pay does refund your money, but does not refund to your card like most authorizing transactions due. So be aware that this money is added to a virtual account. Not back to your CC, or bank. Their is also a $2.50 fee attached to these 2 verification amounts. Which I'm assuming will be sent back to the bank, since it's not in the virtual account.

I'm just happy I got it verified for future use, hopefully nothing surprises me today when I pick up my copy, and register service.

I read this on the lodestone.....

FINAL FANTASY XIV’s free trial period is 30 days long. There will be no fees billed for options associated with a service account during this period.

So can someone confirm this for me, as long as you have a verified click in pay account and do recurring billing option. I should be all set, or do I need to load some crysta stuff as well, because if I have to fork over more money I'm going to go insane. $100 invested, $3 overdrawn and jumped through these hoops. If I don't get online, I'm going to be ****** off I got CE, instead of waiting for SE and more money.
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