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How do I kick off Crafting?Follow

#1 Sep 22 2010 at 3:20 PM Rating: Good
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Hi all. I created a Pugilist in Ul'dah (mostly for the starter gear look, since we can change classes at will and all). I'm not quite sure which class I will make my main, and plan to try each out, learning some abilities in each, so that my eventual main will have a nice selection of options.

All that being said, the same sort of goes for crafting. I have the CE and had hoped to take up a particular craft so I could potentially have a nice source of income as the game progresses. Only, I'm not sure which to choose. I'm thinking that I want to make something like armor, especially if it can be signed, as people will want to upgrade their armor from the starter gear. But all the recipes I see on the Lodestone site are either nothing to wear, or stuff that has a Rank level that's way high, so I'm torn on which Discipline to even go with.

Anyone have any advice on how to get started? I'd like to pick a craft, I'm just not sure what to even do once I've done so. Farm materials for a synth I want to do (assuming there's a synth path to level, like old FFXI Crafting guides)? Buy stuff for it?

Sorry, I'm just a bit overwhelmed in my confusion of the details. Thanks!
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We have over 1,000 recipes listed here on ZAM, so look through the Armorer, Weaver, and Leathercrafter recipes to see the gear you can make.

To learn about crafting in general, we have a guide here:
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If you want to make money, do Botany. Not only do the materials you gather sell well, but just about every craft needs things from Botany.

As for an actual craft...well, none of them are easy. Weaver seems to have the least 'yeah you fail this just because' recipes from my experience, if you avoid making cloth. And Hempen Cowls are insanely simple, pretty nice armor, and pretty cheap even if you buy all the materials. Really though any of them are worth doing.
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Pikko wrote:
so look through the Armorer, Weaver, and Leathercrafter recipes to see the gear you can make.

Don't forget Carpenter's patterns, sandals and masks!
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I would recommend buying a tool for what ever craft you want.

Then picking up guild leves for that craft to start you off. Be sure sure to pick level 1 leves first and then progress to level 5 leves.

This way you do not have to worry about getting required items to craft.

Also if the craft you choose does not have a guild in your city, either travel to the city that has the guild or just go to the nearest camp and you can get guild "assistance" (i forget what its called) from an npc in the camp.

Once you are higher in the craft level you may need to get your own items to progress, so if you choose Armorer, it maybe an idea to take up Mining, get ores and minerals and also level Blacksmith to help change them to other items. Or just go to an NPC and buy the required items if you have enough gil.
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