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#1 Sep 22 2010 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
Ok I'm looking thru the listing (By the way, you can create as many characters as you like during the free trial, it's not just 1 character period.) and it lists two fees, there's the traditional $3.00 fee per character and THEN a basic fee of $9.99 which has me wondering... If you don't create any characters does it keep charging an average fee of $9.99 even when you don't have any characters in use? While you can cancel options at any time, canceling your service will terminate your FFXIV account permanently or at least that's my understanding... So, does this mean if for whatever reason you cancel your FFXIV characters due to say, inefficient funds, it will still charge the $9.99 fee despite having no active characters?
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I was really confused while "Adding Options" too, as I thought, wait, basic service and 2 characters... is that 3 characters? Turns out it was just 2, but I thought it was really confusing and unclear. Smiley: frown As for your question, I really don't know.
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Not sure about the question asked ,seems like a weird way of charging for the game,even more confusing than the content ID's in XI.But ya I noticed that they aren't charging for extra characters for the free 30 days as well.
Even though I didn't have any issues with all the hoops one has to jump through just to play this game, It does seem a very stupid way for them to have set this up. But maybe it's Square-enix's way of limiting who can play their game?

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I am staring at account management at the moment. Am I correct in either I need to give a 3rd party my credit card info or buy Crysta to even be able to play the 30 free days?

I would probably have felt better if both xi and xiv payment were maintained thru s.e. acct. Its very confusing with little to no documentation.

>< ok sorry didn't realize it would accept without cc info.

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