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I only noticed this the last 7 kills so if I'm wrong point it out but it would seem those job skillpoints that occasionally pop up during battle are useless. The number of skillpoints that follows your experience is the total amount you get for that battle. Just a heads up if you get the sinking feeling that you're not getting as many points as are popping up on screen.

Edit; the points you get during battle add up to the final total. But the final number doesent add onto those you gained during battle. Am I making more sense? Didn't think so. MOAR FFXIV

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Each attack gives you a chance to earn skill points for whatever weapon you're using. At the end of the fight after you successfully kill the mob in question, you get class exp that totals however many skill points you earned during the fight.

i.e.: If you get three 100 point polearm skill points during a fight, when you kill the mob you'll be awarded 300 lancer class exp.
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it shows you how many you earn during combat. then when the mob dies. it tallies them all up and you get what is displayed with experience.

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