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#1 Sep 22 2010 at 4:28 PM Rating: Excellent
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For those who are frustrated by the slow download, but are weary about downloading the uploaded patch from a file hosting is what I did to get my download going quickly.

First off, if you have a router there are some ports your need to open up. To do this, log into your router, go to Port Forwarding and open the following up. TCP 54992-55551, UDP 55296-55551, TCP 55301 & lastly UDP 443. I had read that these were the ports to open, so I tried it personally and I was still getting questionably slow speeds. So then I figured my fireware was probably causing an issue. I went ahead and turned that off, just while patching of course and I'll put it back on later.

The second I turned my firewall off my download speed jumped up to about 400 KB/S. I have a 45 MBPS downstream, which translates to about 4.5 MB/S download. Eventually after downloading a small chunk of it, it connected me to more Remote Connections and inevitably sped up my download speed even more. Anyway, I hope this helps some of you out there, see you in the game!
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I was getting 800k-1.1M down earlier.

Verizon FIOS and using the router they give you.

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Final Fantasy XI 12-14-11 Update wrote:
Adjust the resolution of menus.
The main screen resolution for "FINAL FANTASY XI" is dependent on the "Overlay Graphics Resolution" setting.
If the Overlay Graphics Resolution is set higher than the Menu Resolution, menus will be automatically resized.

I thought of it first:
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Mine actually took quite a while to update, even with ports forwarded. I did disconnect once and reconnected, and spent about 10-15 minutes uploading at 60kb/s, while getting no download speed at all. -.- Normal download speed to me is usually 900kb/s-1.2MB/s, while I was getting <200kb/s the entire time. Kind of expected though, launch day, everyone updating, etc.

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thanks for the info,
I can open all port except TCP 55301, the router said it is used for some other things.
Anyone know how to do this?
thanks in advance.
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