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So got my game earlier today (lucked out that a local game store had a couple of extra CEs since Best Buy couldn't come through), installed it, updated it, no problems. Both the wife and I had a blast playing today, and we plan to play more tomorrow. My question is regarding thos etimes when we decide to play when the other person isn't home or is asleep etc.

We always try to play MMOs together. This means keeping our levels within two levels, though we prefer being the same level. Usually this isn't a problem. Either there are tons of character slots (like in WoW, WAR, LotRO, Aion etc), so we can play alts and mess around and do whatever. On the other hand there are the games where you can go do other things with your character without leveling necessarily, like craft, mess around with housing, earn alternate advancement, level up other classes etc (FFXI and EQ2 come to mind for that type).

In FFXIV we each have two characters that are set up as pairs. We woudl like to keep them near each other in level and such so we can still group them together. Question is since crafting and leveling other DoM or DoW also increases your physical level, will that matter a whole lot if I'm say Physical Level 10 and she's still level 6 or 7 and we're the same rank in the jobs we level? Will it matter if she's level 15 and I'm level 6 or 7? Most of the leves I see state that the Rank is what is important in determining whether or not you can do it. Usually the line will say 'Disciple of War or Magic Rank X'. So how much does physical level factor into all of this?

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My guess is when you both party together with a large deviation in physical levels, but around the same job level. The person with the higher physical level will receive less physical xp per kill, but both players should roughly get the same job xp. Based on that, one player would slowly catch up to the other player in physical level.

Can anyone confirm?
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