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I dont like my character, but when I deleted it this happesFollow

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Odd or maybe im tooo impatient, I deleted my character and I waited for the 20 some seconds to delete the character once i did and confirmed, when I was ready to start choosing a new class, something odd happened.. my character was there, I could change the name but she was there. Can I start a new character from scratch?, ohhh and can someone explain to me what this Moon, Guardian stuff you input when you creating a character, Is this process affect the gameplay or it just cosmetic fluff.
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Did you choose to import the character data from your last character?

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You probably saved the way your chara looks, and just used the same looks again without reading really. Either ya go back some steps and change what ya didn't like, or ya just start from scratch without clicking 'yes' when it asks to use a saved chara model. =P
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If you chose to save your character data when creating a character, then chose to load that character data when creating a new character, then yes, the character would still show up. If you want to make a character from scratch, say "No" when it asked if you would like to load saved character data.

About the different clans within the races, it is primarily based on preference and storyline. However they do have different base stats. If you look in the top left hand corner when selecting your race it will show you the base stats of that particular race/clan.
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The servers still save your character data, even after deleting it, until it's overwritten. When you go to create a new one in a new slot, you should get a dialogue box stating that they found old character data. It'll also ask you if you would like to use that data instead of creating new data. Your answer should be "No".

See if that works?

Edit: d'oh. Too slow :P

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