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#1 Sep 23 2010 at 12:31 PM Rating: Default
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ok sister installed using my disk and used buddy pass key. what will happen at 30 days? she entered her card info for billing and it came up like mine, saying 30 days free, then first scheduled billing is the day right after. wonderfing if the buddy pass key turns into a full legit copy. anyone know for sure?
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I would doubt it, you'd have to still purchase a CD key
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I'm about to try to find out through their support chat.
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Agent Kervin: Hello, , thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX Customer Support. Just a few moments while I review your question, please.
Customer: hi
Agent Kervin: You can check if you have the full version of Final Fantasy XIV, by logging into the Square Enix Management system.
Customer: Yes, I did check but I am unsure if it's full
Agent Kervin: On the left hand menu, click "Select Service"
Customer: The reason why I am wondering is because I used a guest pass from the collector's edition
Agent Kervin: Select FINAL FANTASY XIV. Then check under "Active Service Accounts"
Agent Kervin: If you see FINAL FANTASY XIV there that means you have registered your copy of the game.
Customer: it says FINAL FANTASY XIV - Windows(R)
Customer: so even though it's a guest pass, I have no need to buy the game?
Agent Kervin: If you have used the buddy pass, then it will expire within 30 days.
Agent Kervin: And you will need to purchase the game and attach it to the service account to make it a full version.
Customer: is there anywhere that shows that?
Agent Kervin: Under Services and Options, and click "Select Service"
Agent Kervin: Are there any other issues I can assist you with right now, ?
Customer: Yes, I don't see anywhere under the service area that shows it expiring in 30 days
Customer: or any indication that it isn't full
Agent Kervin: Click on "Options List"
Customer: ok
Agent Kervin: It should show more detailed information there
Customer: it just says FINAL FANTASY XIV - Windows(R) under permanent options
Customer: that's why it's confusing
Agent Kervin: Hold one moment please.
Customer: okay
Agent Kervin: I believe the permanent options are registration codes that are used on the service account.
Customer: So is there any way to distinguish between the buddy pass and the full version?
Customer: Or are they the same thing?
Agent Kervin: It may say the same thing if it is a buddy pass or full version.
Agent Kervin: But if you have used the buddy pass on that account, it will expire after 30 days are require a retail registration code in order to continue playing it.
Agent Kervin: I do apologize that their aren't any indicators letting you know its a buddy pass or not.
Customer: Okay, thanks for your time
Agent Kervin: Are there any other issues I can assist you with right now, ?
Customer: nope
Agent Kervin: Thank you for visiting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center, ! Take care and hope to see you online!

That wasn't very re-assuring. :/
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