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So from what I have gathered each city has a starting questline. Is this the main questline for the game and do the stories meet up later in the game, or once they are complete that's it? Example being Grid's. I finished the eight part of Souls gone wild. I do rememeber the NPC saying someone will contact me later.

On another note, I remember with my thaumaturge I remember reading if I equip my wand/rod in the opposite hand it has another effect. Some input would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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Yes, I assume the storylines meet will meet up. My guess on this is due to Cutscenes/trailers we have on the net shows city story NPCs all together in a later cutscene.

So yes that is the main story starting from your city.

As far as putting weapons in the offhand, i dont believe the game will allow it.
Some items are Main (primary weapon) and some items are off (secondary weapon) much like the 2 items for DoH and DoL.
Currently I believe the only item that can go offhand on DoW is a shield on classes that allow it.

This is speculation as I am not home to test. But when you select offhand and your inventory pops up the main hand weapons are greyed out as if they cannot be equipped.

edit - had to fix a sentence that i wrote horribly...

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