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Will the -many- problems make people quit?Follow

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Azurymber wrote:
Problem 2: Mob Distribution
Unlike FFXI which had multiple starting-zones, FFXIV has one starting area per nation. This results in incredible lag as well as competition to claim mobs. As fun as the game is, no one enjoys spending 5 minutes to find something, only to die because of lag.
This does not improve as levels increase. In the open-beta people kept arguing that SE would change mob-distribution. And they did, but barely. For the most part nothing has really changed (except some agro mobs have been moved out of low level areas). This has resulted in a very poor first 10-levels experience, and will most likely turn a lot of non-mmorpg'ers off of the game.

This really isn't a problem, it's more the player's fault that they don't know to go out and explore. This is not FFXI where one area of a zone is low level mobs and it casually progresses up a level to more difficult mobs as you move across the zone. If you ever actually leave the starting area, there are a good number of other camps that have mobs low levels can grind off of. In FFXIV, camp and mob levels seem to just change drastically at a certain point. You'll have easy preys and a big comfortable camp then eventually wander into aggro'ing Incredibly Toughs.

The only issue where I agree with you is immersion. I've traveled a lot in the beta and a good amount in retail already and there is some validity to this complaint. There's a healthy amount of copying and pasting, and yes all game creators do it but I can't remember the last time it was this obvious. The constant narrow pathways in the Gridania area make me feel like I'm playing Phantasy Star Universe.

While I consider that to be an issue, it will never be what gets me to inevitably quit this game in the far distant future. Also keep in mind that the continent we're on and the content accessible to us is just continent. More areas will of course open up in the future, and now that the game is out I hope they'll take their time in making areas unique, diverse and interesting.
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