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#1 Sep 23 2010 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
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I've created two scripts that will help optimized the placement of the FFXIV directories on hard drives. It uses the free MyDefrag program to move the FFXIV directories closer to the beginning of the disk, making their access quicker. It probably won't do much for FPS, but should decrease loading times.

The zip file contains the installer for MyDefrag, although you can download it yourself from These scripts are only compatible with 4.3.1
Two scripts are included:
Final Fantasy XIV Monthly
Final Fantasy XIV Daily

The Monthly script does a more intensive move of files to give them optimal placement. This can be done monthly or after large patches to make sure all files are together.

The Daily script does a quicker re-arranging of files. See the description of the System Disk Daily and Monthly scripts to get an idea of the difference, I only added a section that moved the FF directories immediately after the boot optimization and most used program files.

These scripts can be modified to give priority to any files or additional games. Look for the section with "Zone 5" for the highest priority or "Zone 6" for immediately after the files specified in Zone 5
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In case anyone still doesn't know, don't do this if you have a SSD (solid state drive).
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Thank you for bringing that up. This is not needed for an SSD, but is safe to do on various RAID setups.
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