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I know that SE has marketed this game around us playing all the classes and trying a hand at everything. What I am wondering is will it be practically possible to do so on one character? At this point I feel like we might need one character to optimize for DOM and another to optimize for DOW. Considering reallocation only allows us to move 20% of our stats, changing from a melee class to a magic based one will be far less than ideal...especially at higher levels. This seems like a major oversight to the ideology of the game. The sad part is I truly have bought into SE's visions for playing this game, and I would love to play a nice blend of all the classes, but is it possible to do it practically and efficiently without feeling severely gimped? Why can't they adjust the system so that you can only redistribute 20% out in the field and 100% inside of the city. That would seem to make much more sense to be. My favorite two classes at the moment are pugilist and conjuror. Swapping between the two of them at the moment seems a bit rough.

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They have stated that reallocation will go undergo changes. As of right now you can reallocate several times to get the desired stats, however as of right now it makes more sense to focus on one disciple. I'm sure it will be easier to change in the future.
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If you want to be a good character for multiple disciplines, you'll have to balance your stats evenly. Most people should do this anyway.

Think of it this way. What were the differences between a BLM75 and a WAR75 stat-wise? Not a whole lot. Maybe 15 points difference at best for stuff like STR, and if you know anything about game mechanics you'd know that overall that's not a huge deal.

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