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We need an AH?Follow

#1 Sep 23 2010 at 5:14 PM Rating: Default
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I think SE HAS to implement an Auction House in the near future.

For various reasons, such as.

To establish an economy.

To have the access to ingredients for crafting that you can't get. I don't know if it just me but I can't seem to make myself new armor as I can't get all the ingredients in the city I have started in.

I know that if the Auction House was implemented that it would take away crafting for some people so maybe a system to stop that?

Such as no armor is sellable on the Auction House? Only items such as ingredients?

If I am missing something and you can shed light where to get more ingredients, let me know?


Thanks for your time.

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It's a good thing you posted this. Noone had thought of an AH. Really. The other 10 post on the front page about it were just an illusion.

No, really. Thanks.

Although you get credit since yours is at least formatted and comprehensible...
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What are these Action House's which everyone is speaking. . .

But ya, overkill on this issue I would think.
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Go to the Retainers in Market

Pinkfyre wrote:

To view retainers you have to go to the Market wards.

Gridania its called Lotus Gardens.
Limsa Lominsa its called Southern Islands.
Ul'dah its called The Dunes.

When you approach either of those, Use Menu Teleport.

You will find retainers in there and You browse them how you would browse someones bazaar.

Hope this helps.

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