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Ok, this is probably going to sound kind of confusing and stupid, but I'm dying here lol.

My bf and I both have separate square enix accounts. I never got around to actually getting a key and playing OB on my own account, so I just created a character on his account with OB access with a name I liked to sort of look around a little bit and see how things were going in OB every now and then.

The problem is, I never deleted that character on my bf's account before OB was over. And now I want to create a char with that same name on the same server (we all decided to start on a server together, so I don't really want to just pick another). The thing is, it's reserving that name on the server for my bf's account because his account was the one I created the character on, and I never deleted it before OB ended. So I can't create a character with that name on that server on my account.

Is there any way to "un-reserve" the OB char names associated with a SE account? We've tried creating the same char on the same server on my bf's account and then deleting it to see if that would maybe "clear" the reserve, but whenever my bf goes to make a new character, my character's name still shows up in the OB reserved char name list you can pick from, and it still says "name not available" when I try to create that char on my account.

Some options that might work we could think of would be to cancel the ff14 service account and wait for it to be fully cancelled after 30 days then register a new service account, or just close the se account. But those both sound kind of drastic I guess.

I could just play 14 on the bf's account and he can start his character on my account, but we both also play 11 and our characters are linked to our own accounts. So, it's kind of a mess. :(

Sorry for the novel, I know it sounds dumb. But it's kind of a big deal to us lol. We really want to be able to play on our own accounts with all our friends on the same server.

tl;dr - Is it possible to delete/unlink the OB reserved character names from your SE account?

Hope this is the right place to post this, but we don't really know what else to do. Thank you!
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