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#1 Sep 23 2010 at 8:33 PM Rating: Default
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Correct me if I'm wrong. Disciple of the Land, Fisher, cannot equip a weapon. But a Disciple of War can equip a fishing rod. So, what is the advantage of choosing Land Disciple, when you can level fishing if say you're a Pugilist? I like fighting but I also like fishing a lot.
With a Fisher I can only Fish. With a Pugilist I can do both. So again. What would be the advantage of choosing a Fisher as a class.

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I think you're confused.

As soon as you equip a fishing pole on Pug, you're a Fisherman. As soon as you equip H2H on Fisherman, you're a Pug.
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Well.. if you were a Pugilist.. and equipped a fishing rod... that would then change you into a Fisher. Same works the other way around. Whatever you do have equipped main hand is what you class is.
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I was under the impression that a Fisher could not equip any weapon. I can see now I was wrong. So if I equip H2H on my Fisher I become a Pug. Sounds good. Now I guess you'd also have to buy an armor change?

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As mentioned, your weapon determines your class. More accurately, instead of changing jobs/classes, you're changing skills that you're working on. :)

As for armor, anyone can truly wear anything, but keep an eye on the "Favored Classes", as those jobs will get full functionality from the gear while others will get reduced stats. Same with "Optimal Rank" (if you're rank 1 you can still put on rank 40 gear but you won't get much use out of it).
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