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Action points. Conjurer issue Follow

#1 Sep 23 2010 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
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So Action Points are:
* At rank 1, each class begins with six Action Points in each category (Battle Actions, Traits, and Gathering & Synthesis). After changing to a particular class, its most basic actions are set automatically and can not be removed. While these default actions cost no points, most other actions have a cost associated with them and may not be set to your action bar if they require more points than you have available.

* Typically, you will receive one point per category when your primary skill increases. At some ranks, you may gain two points. Trait and Gathering/Synthesis Action Points appear to be gained every 3 ranks.

FYI: I'm a Conjurer.
Now, it says i have 6/8 Action points and on my spell bar i have spirit dart, fire, and ice. Fire and ice take 3 action points each just like the other skills not on your bar at first like thunder, ice , water. But when i equip lets say ... thunder to my bar it stays 'grayed out' and i can't seem to use it.

Anyone know why? Did i miss something? (If this is stupid simple i'm sry for being such a noob.)

Thank you for any help~

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I'm assuming you equipped Thunder as a 3rd spell to be used. Technically, when you equip Thunder, you lack sufficient AP to use it, because now you're at 9/8. You need to gain another rank to obtain another AP before it becomes usable.

In order to use Thunder, you have to overwrite Fire or Ice with it, or to put it on the action bar before either one of them.

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To preserve the skill settings when you switch classes the game actually let you equip any skill, even if you don't have the points to use it, the class or the level.

In this particular case you have fire and ice set which both combined take 6 of your 8 points meaning that you have only 2 points remaining, if you proceed to equip thunder the game leave it gray because you don't have the necessary points (3) to equip it, it will only become available to use if you make free that much points.

I hope this helps.

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