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#1 Sep 24 2010 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
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:Server Congestion aka Lag:

With any MMO the first few weeks, if not month, this is just something one expects. I must say I saw my first glimmer of light this morning at around 5:30am (cst). I logged on to run around quick before work and did a Botanist leve, at most times it would take upwards of 3-4 seconds to go through each step. This morning however everything was nearly instant, which made it much more enjoyable. I tried some crafting after and those menu's were just as quick, world of change. I know there are issues with targets not allowing you to attack after the first, so far I have found it pretty easy to get around by targeting another mob or just reacquiring my target.

:Leve System:

I find this to be great so far. I have played quite a bit and always had something to do. It gets you away from just questing continually. I've raised up my Carpentry, Weaving, Alchemy and Leather working - went exploring through some caves and mountains, leveled sub jobs to compliment my main, worked on botanist, etc.


Unless I am missing something, this is by far the worst thing I have to complain about. The retainers are fine, but not being able to browse around kind of sucks. It also seems it's going to take quite some time to get a pricing on items, and selling your stuff is going to involve a bit of luck that someone finds your retainer. I've sold a few things, bought nothing, could really use a linen bowstring!


Pretty good so far, I enjoy not having a general chat like some MMO's do. It's funny to see the name some people chose, wonder if they will still like it months down the line, or delete/buy a new character slot to start over. It also gives me a great indicator of who I don't want to group with, sorry but if you named yourself "Some Hoe" I most likely won't enjoy your presence.


It's large, that's about all I can say. Many areas could really use some mobs, especially those off the beaten path. I like to run around and explore, many times it's just me while I sometimes will pass by a single Dodo. I've found some great quiet leveling areas in caves, and along mountain tops way in the back. No lag, quick respawns and you don't have to fight over anything! They are pretty easy to find, just go explore around the edges of the zone.


At first I did not like that there was not an in game list of items that you have learned to craft, but now I think I like it. It makes crafting a bit more worth it, knowing that some will simply not do it. There are enough online resources to find what you need, made a few cool masks and various other items, glad to get rid of that Onion Helm.

I should actually work now, just thought I would share my first few days of experience. Still fun to me with so much available to do. Have a good Friday, I can't wait for the lag tonight!
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