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I have never played FF XI or any of the XIV beta. I have always played the FF RPG series so I thought I might give FF XIV a try. I have played all of the MMOs out there (WoW, Aion, Conan, LoTR, EQ II, etc...)

With the above being said, I cannot for the life of me figure out the basics for FF XIV. I'm thinking that I am just missing something because I do not hear any other complaints/frustrations such as mine....

My play screen is an inch too short on the top and bottom (showing my desktop) and an inch too long on the left and right sides causing me to constantly grab the window and move it back and forth to see the edge of the playing screen. I have looked under the options window and cannot see any way to adjust the play window size. Help?

In every other MMO that I have played if you turn your character to the left or the right or all the way around, the camera follows you. It was taking me forever to get the hang of the controls for this game because it seemed that every time that I turned my character I would have to right click my mouse and manually turn my mouse with my character. Again, is there a setting that I'm missing? Help?

Also, I never really made it "out into the world" yet. I played the opening sequence for Lisa Lominsa (sp?) and made it to town where the boat drops you off at but I seemed to be stuck. None of the three NPCs standing there would talk to me, I was stuck on the dock and could not go left, right or straight ahead without getting blocked by a gate. After a few frustrating minutes I found the "teleport" option but no matter which I chose, I didn't go anywhere. Once again, am I missing something? Help?

I'm sorry to be asking such minor and newb questions but I really want to give this game a chance and grow with the community from the launch but right now, I'm really frustrated. I thank everyone in advance for and and all help/suggestions you might be able to give me.
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XI kind of dropped you off blindly like this as well. I remember that feeling and its not fun.

You should open up your menu (pushing " - " on your numberpad) and goto Journal. Once you read, it will tell you the name of the NPC that you should talk to. He will offer to escort you to the Adventures guild. From there keep using your Journal to help progress you in the storyline and guide you on your first few steps.

Following the guide/story, it will walk you out into the world in order to reach the Aeorthyte Crystal where you will begin one of your first quest. The Journal and Adventures Guild NPC Linkpearl will help you find your way.

Not sure if you are big on spoilers but here is a beginner guide :'s_Beginner's_Guide_-_Basics

And here is one for Limsa Laminsa:'s_Beginner's_Guide_-_Limsa_Lominsa

have fun! and dont give up on the game is really great!
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For resolution and other settings, use the config exe in the same dir as the game launcher exe is located.
Auto follow camera am not sure it is possible

To leave the docks in limsa run to the gate leading into the city , when you stand near it an exclamation mark will appear in ur top screen meaning there is and extra menu option in your main menu (like examine, door, etc, etc)
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go to FF config in your SE folder and chose full screen.

and you will get used to the controls, i just use `w` and my mouse to turn, if you press `r` while running the camera will follow you while using a and d

and i cant remember but you need to speak to the right person or go to the right place and you should get a cut scene, and a msg like `are you sure you want to continue`

good luck, its a whole different style of mmo and its gooood once you get used to it.
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