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Grinding tips and fighitng harder enemies.Follow

#1 Sep 24 2010 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
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So currently on my pug(rank 11), I am getting 500skill points in 50% of the fights I do and over 300 in the rest. So I thought I'd throw out a few tips for those having more trouble in this area.

First off grinding, I find on my pug the best enemies to grind are NEVER easy prey (blue con) they simply die too fast with little to no skill bonus. Always try fight green or higher, ideally enemies that con orange to red are best to me, but if those are in short supply greens work fine.

When fighting harder enemies such as Dodo's remember you can strafe around their skills and cause them to miss most of the time, dodo's tend to stock up tp then shoot out several breath attacks very fast so after they do it once prepare to be moving a lot, I strafe around it for the entire fight keeping an eye for his charge ups.

I'm not sure how other classes fare in soloing tougher enemies but with pug I can stack 3 concussive blows to lower his accuracy and second wind for about 200 hp a use, namely casters I dont know how they solo or how well this would work but for my pug I am leveling very quickly now.

Starting in Uldah, at rank 7 I moved to the thistletail marmots near the second camp, at rank 10 I moved to the dodo's and I'm not sure whats next but I'll likely end up moving towards the third camp around 14 I am guessing. When I'm not sure what to kill I find red enemies and punch them and see what happens... Eventually something will work out >.>

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That's some good info. It's nice to know we can move out of the way of some of these mobs attacks.
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Especially since in FFXI the attack WILL hit you. Anyone remember bomb toss going for a mile?
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wow i never thought of moving. hmmm i do enjoy the endless stream of debuffs that dodos do. at least no damage
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I knew you could run off from the mole's popping out of the ground attacks, but not with the other mobs. I think i've tried with some marmots before but the TP moves are much quicker than the ones moles use.
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Another tip for easier xp-ing is to find a cave with mobs in that you can get good xp from. Mobs in caves respawn quite quickly, so you have a never ending supply of mobs to fight.
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