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how do you synthesis ?Follow

#1 Sep 24 2010 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
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having problems can some one explain it ?

ive got the black smithing tool i need , but when i go to synthesis i cant select any crystals ??
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You don't have to select crystals, just the ingredients. It will use the proper crystals/shards for you if you have them in your inventory.

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Okay, I am waiting for traffic to clear out in front of my office, so I will go ahead and put this together:

1) Equip your crafting tool(s)
2) Go to main menu (Home button)
3) Select the crafting option
4) Select whatever items from your inventory to make a recipe (you can find recipeshere and here)

5) Pick the tool you would like to use (some are easier with main, some with sub, not a lot of data on this yet, experiment!)

6) The game will confirm your recipe and crystals that you need.

7) You will be met with the crafting screen which has:
Progress: How close you are to finished
Durability: If this ever goes to 0 you fail, even if your progress is 100% (again, 100% and 0 dur = failure)
Quality: Helps you get HQ when you are finished.

Synth types:
Standard: Balance of progress/quality gains - Max progress: 20%, Approx. Quality: 0-25
Rapid: Heavily biased towards progress, you can even get 10-15% on a failure - Max Progress: 30%, Approx. Quality: 0-15
Bold: Heavily biased towards quality - Max progress: 10%, Approx. Quality: 10-60

Notes on types, based on my experience:
-Rapid has slightly less chance of success than Standard and Bold has even less chance than that. I can't really give numbers, since I haven't tracked it, but that is the impression I get. The longer it takes, the more you fail, and the lower your control the "stability" of the synth will reduce. The less stable it is, the more likely you are to fail, and the worse the results will be (less progress, less quality, higher dura loss.) If you see your dura losses going up, it is best to switch to rapid to try to salvage it before it dies.

Once you get to 100 percent you will get your items! (Again, so long as your DUR is higher than 0.)
-If you are crafting materials, the higher your quality, the greater your chance of getting more items, the exact numbers remain to be seen.
-If you are crafting an equip, then you can "Touch up" to get an HQ, which basically means that you can risk some durability to have a chance to HQ the item. The higher your quality, the more likely the touch up will succeed. The amount of durability lost is relative to your rank, and if you drop to 0, you will fail the synth, so if your durability drops below 20 it is best to stop, unless you feel confident that your rank and quality are high enough to avoid breaking the item.

Other notes:
-I have noticed that the more "damaged" my crafting tools are, the more my chances of failing, so make sure to keep them repaired.
-The best way to level your crafts is local guildleves, they are "local" you can do 8 of them per 36 hour period (same as regional leves) and you activate them by going into the crafting screen and selecting "Leves" or "Quests" (can't remember the exact name.)
-Using the facilities at your local guild is highly recommended, they are cheap and help your synthing A LOT!
-Get the Smithy's Gloves. Any rank 10 leathermaker can put them together and the materials are common. I got mine for 3k in the wards.
-Use the crafting section of the ZAM wikibase! It is really useful, and as we get more information, we will make it better!

Hope that helps! If I come up with anything else I'll let you know.
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Hi virus,

Maybe our guide to crafting can help. You can find it here:
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