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Question on Onion Helm and FFXIII ArmguardsFollow

#1 Sep 25 2010 at 12:02 AM Rating: Good
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Onion Helm is supposed to decrease KO effect correct? I got the itme in-game, but I don't see any part of the item description annotating this particular property on the item? Is this a hidden property or am I just blind?

Similarly with the FFIII Armguards, what are these supposed to do? By looking at the item ingame it looks marginally better than the starting gloves for damage but at the sacrifice of survivability. Is there something I'm missing? Do they have a special effect that I'm not seeing similiar to the Onion Helm?

Any input would be appreciated.
Raelos Kriegor
Bodhum Server
#2 Sep 25 2010 at 12:43 AM Rating: Good
I believe the Hermes Sandals and Onion Helm are hidden stats. I do not have the Asuran armguards, but here's the description on the in-game tool-tip.
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