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Liking game,but...Follow

#1 Sep 25 2010 at 9:10 AM Rating: Decent
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I`m liking the game so far, but there are some questionable design decisions. Why is there no recipe book? I looked in every menu and I just don`t see one. Are we supposed to write down every recipe given to us? Just dosen`t make sense. That`s why I have a computer to do that stuff for me. Anyone find a recipe book?
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On ZAM, on the Lodestone, YellowGremlin...

There is no crafting recipe list in game really. There wasn't on XI either.
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in b4 gb2 wow, kbai posts.
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Ok I am comparing it to FFXI and WoW and how I used the lack of a reciepe book to my own advantage that I don't had in WoW because there's an reciepe book.

In FFXI when I got to the point that I could make good money with crafting I startet to think about a way to get most profit out of my little time. I made an exel sheet with reciepes and prices for the materials. This way I could calculate the profit pretty fast and got a long time overview of the prices and was able to buy huge amounts of materials when they were really cheap. This way I got a really decent incoming with little time involved.

In WoW as the opposite the reciepe book made me lazy. I never had a list like that. I just looked on the fly for stuff that seems to sell rather decent with some profit and that's it. It was like I have to do it to get some money but it never felt like a real part of the game to me.

I know that you can't compare these two games with each other because of the different nature of crafting and opportunitys to get equip and money. Even worse gets when we start to look at FFXIV because crafting is its own class and not something to do when you got some spare time while waiting for something and because of this it should take more time to master it (lerning reciepes for example).

Just my 2 german cent thought ;)

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It's ok, my native language is Typo, so I probably would have understood.

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