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Where can I grind?Follow

#1 Sep 25 2010 at 10:13 AM Rating: Good
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I've played the game for more than a few hours now and while I'm enjoying it, I'm having difficulty finding a place to grind my levels. I've finished the level appropriate levequests but in searching around outside of Limsa Lominsa, the majority of mobs I come across are already being fought by other players.

I can't find a place where enough mobs have spawned to match the demand of the number of players. Is anyone else having the same difficulty? Is there another place I'm supposed to be going to level? Is there some aspect to the game I'm missing?
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I had the same problem starting in Ul'dah. The wild area outside the city was absolutely packed full of players everywhere.

Eventually I made my way to Gridania and found a lot more mobs. Because of the maze-like layout of the forest, it's easier to find a place where no one else is at. My first time there I had a spawn of 4-5 Star Marmots to myself, and once I was high enough I was able to find a spawn of ~4 Thistletail Marmots for myself.

One thing you can try is running out to where the higher monsters are. So if you're looking for 1-8 level mobs, go out to where the 8-12 ones are. You'll generally be able to find those lower ones mixed in with the higher, and any higher players hunting there will be leaving them alone.

Just make sure you're out of the 1-10 range by the time the 30th arrives. It's going to be insane once the standard edition players enter the game. You wont want to have to compete with them for kills.
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