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"Optimal Rank" for gear...??Follow

#1 Sep 25 2010 at 10:28 AM Rating: Good
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What is the effect of wearing gear below the "Optimal Rank" that is listed on it?

Also, how come some gear shows stats in Red when I am browsing retainers?

Thanks for the help.

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Stats in green I believe are an increase over what you have, stats in red are worse in that stat I believe. As far as gear goes, I have had "gear become uncomfortable" when I switched from a lvl 12 to a lvl 1. So I would guess reduced effectiveness and/or accelerated durability wear, which is expensive to repair on higher level items.
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You can wear gear even when you aren't at the "optimal rank." When you do, however, you will not get the full boost of what it offers. I know during open beta I equipped an armor that supposedly had more defense, but when I took it off and put on a lower armor with less defense(one I met the optimal rank) I had higher defense. I assume from that, the closer you are to the optimal rank, the better that armor is for you. Once you reach that optimal rank, you'll receive full benefits for each rank on.
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Yeah, it scales down to your level and the scaled down defense is usually worse than gear of the appropriate level.

For example, in open beta my gladiator at rank 15 had more defense and hp with bronze chainmail (level 12) compared to sentinel's chainmail (level 20) but sentinel's had more strength. when I hit level 16 they had the same defense, bronze had more hp and sentinel's had more str. then once i hit 20 I got the full listed stats of sentinel's, so it had more defense hp and str.

The system is weird... I am not entirely sure I like it, but we'll see as the game progresses.
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