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Retainer/AH system pollFollow

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TwistedOwl wrote:
KujaKoF wrote:
TwistedOwl wrote:
Timorith wrote:
TwistedOwl wrote:
That's not to say the system is great, but it has worked out in my favor quite a few times so far. And in some cases I think a central AH would've hurt me in a lot of those deals.
"I benefit so its good. If I don't benefit it's bad."


Many others can benefit from it too...

its zero sum, for every one person getting a great deal, theres a seller who sold below market rate. If that was his choice its one thing, but if he can't figure out what market rate is, its unfortunate.

See I still like that part of it. Unfortunate perhaps, but if a crafting item looks worthless to him so he sells it at a low price & I come by seeing it as valuable & buy it, who really lost there? He got some gil for something worthless to him and got my crafting item for what I'd consider a good deal.

I really like the randomness involved there...and SE seems to have a thing for randomness in this game...

Edited, Sep 28th 2010 1:19pm by TwistedOwl

But that doesnt have to go away. I can AH my stuff at 75% of market rate because I want to make money fast, and not worry about undercutting (under the FFXI AH system). I can AFK with my bazaar open outside of the blacksmithing guild selling maple spear shafts or some other component without even going near the AH, to try and sell to people who want items more conviniently.

My suggestion, would be leave AH and retainer bazaars stay capped at 10. if i'm selling alot of things, I can go ahead and use both. if I think an item wont sell quickly and dont want to keep relisting it in the AH (paying AH fees like FFXI), i can keep it in my retainer, and only be charged the fee when something is actually sold.


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