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#1 Sep 25 2010 at 8:50 PM Rating: Good
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I've been trying to figure this out and figured I'd throw it out to everyone to see if we can get some theorycrafting going.

How exactly does the XP system work?

We know the mobs con blue-green-yellow-orange-red. But is the con based off of physical or class level?

How do you optimize your XP gain? How do you optimize your skill gain?

Any thoughts anyone has jotted down on the XP system would be greatly appreciated.
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it seems to be a combination of things, and its trying to tell you if the game thinks you can do it. I had stuff that was green to my lancer at 8ish, show up as blue to my level 3 pugilist (whose physical level was 16). Also had a friend tell me that he was in a group, and as they added more members, mobs con went from green to blue.

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Con is based off class level. You get more phys exp for harder mobs less exp off easier mobs. That system seems set. You kill say a level 5 funguar at level 15 you will always get X phys exp. As for cxlass exp I've found no difference what you use you get about the same amount of exp for the difficulty of mob you are killing. Higher mob = more chance of a skill gain.

I'm fairly sure the people claiming to get more exp off the class basic attack aren't taking into account that that attack does way less damage than the other so you actually get more exp because you are hitting it more rather than because it just gives more exp. So in a way yes you are getting more exp but your kill time is probably not the greatest ever either.

Killing in a party holds the same. The mob con is based off your party then. So a green to you solo would be blue to a grp. I'm unsure if it just assumes a max filled group... I'm thinking not as what would have been nearly orange but still red wolves conned as yellow to my 2 man parties.

Optimizing skill gain.. You have to kill the mob to get the skill points that flash up to add to your exp total. So your best chance to gain quick xp/hr would be to kill the toughest thing you can kill that has the least downtime. Simple as that. You have to take into account that one green of a mob family and another green of a different mob family are not the same. Wolves and cactaurs may all con green to me but a wolf I can kill easily with minimal downtime because their offense is kinda crappy and my accuracy is up to par... Take a green cactaur tho and he's gonna 1k needles me back to the aetheryte.
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