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Hello, I have been putting off getting a new pc for a while now. I have a slow laptop that I got from being enrolled in school and it just isn't doing it anymore. I figured with the release of FF XIV it would be a great time until I can get it in March for my ps3. The thing is I do not know much about gaming on a pc. I played FFXI on it but that was it and it didn't even run it that well. Are there any suggestions for a decently priced desktop that could run FF XIV on average setting or maybe a little higher? Like I said I am not familiar with pc gaming. I was hoping to spend around 1k at the most but depending what I need I could go more or less. Thank you for any suggestions.
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Are you willing to build your own? The difference between buying prebuilt and building your own is very significant, and it's not hard to do. There is a sticky dedicated to it.
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I have never built a pc or even thought I would be able to. Seems to difficult to me with all the parts. It would be awesome if I could but I think I would worry too much about breaking something.
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How to build your own system

Enjoy :)

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you could always do or
can customize most PC options from them. There prices seem about the same, a little higher for the and most products are the same execpt case's, wondering if there both the same company lol
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