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Game is running slow, could use some helpFollow

#1 Sep 26 2010 at 12:44 PM Rating: Default
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I'm really tempted to go out and buy the game. However when i downloaded open beta 2 weeks ago and tried to play the game ran at 15fps.

I know there's been a bunch of threads like this probably. But i'm just looking to see if the game still needs optimized, or what is going on.

Here is my rig that plays FFXIV at 15fps @ 1920x1200 with almost no options turned on and 3/4 buffer:

i7 2.6gz
gtx 260
6gb ram

I'm just confused because from what i've read of other players the game should be running faster than 15fps for me.

I know you all hate comparing games, but this is why i'm confused though. FFXIV looked pretty nice ingame. But, I can run Crysis on max settings no AA at 60+fps.

So why is FFXIV running so bad for me? From what i saw in open beta (although unable to play @ 15fps) it should not require a beastly rig to play at a decent fps.

There is no way this game requires more than the above listed, or should require if it was coded properly. I'd love to go out and buy it and join everyone but i cant deal with it at 15fps. I've even tried lowering the buffer to almost nothing and it only improves by a few fps at most.

Any all suggestions welcome, Thank you!
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