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Noob questions(2) traveling and aquiring new spells.Follow

#1 Sep 27 2010 at 6:59 AM Rating: Good
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If I travel to a new location what must I do to allow myself to more easily travel to that location again?
When you lvl up do you automatically obtain your new skills or must you train them some where?
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Visit the aetherytes at all the camps and actually go to the aetheryte menu as if you were going to initiate a leve. Gives you a "You have arrived at Camp Tranquil" message for example...then you know you can tele there when you want. Don't abuse your anima to tele all the time though, it replenishes slowly.(1 every 4 hours)

For the most part you'll get new spells/abilities automatically. You have to put them into your action bar though. Later on, rank20+, there's abilities/traits available to be purchased with guildmarks which you can acquire from leves and potentially class-specific quests.

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Thank you for the information.
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So far, you can travel via Teleport to Location that you have visited. But these cost always animas points, witch you have 100 when you begin. If im right, you get back one anima point every 4 hours, so if a teleport costs you 4 point, you will have to wait 16 hrs to regain full points

Till now i got every new ablilitie without buying them. But it some of them cost points to equip them.
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