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#1 Sep 27 2010 at 7:57 AM Rating: Good
In-case you didn't already know, the game produces log files that are stored in your Documents folder with your macros and configuration settings for each character. These log files contain everything that could appear in your chatbox, this is an example of a few lines from one.

0050::Your Spirit Dart hits the thistletail marmot for 95 points of damage. 
0051::The thistletail marmot's Nutkick hits you for 45 points of damage. 
0050::Your Spirit Dart hits the thistletail marmot for 100 points of damage. 
0050::Your Radiance hits the thistletail marmot for 183 points of damage. 
0042::You gain 49 conjury skill points. 
0051::The thistletail marmot's attack hits you for 60 points of damage. 
005C::You begin casting Cure. 
005C::You use Cure. You recover 207 HP. 
0005:Tshay Ichu                      :AHHH a Gobbue 
0051::The thistletail marmot's attack hits you for 57 points of damage. 
0062::Your Profundity grants you the effect of Profundity. 
0050::You begin casting Thunder. 
0005:Duuude Guyver                   :lol 
0051::The thistletail marmot's attack hits you for 46 points of damage. 
0005:Tshay Ichu                      :i wonder if they drop tree cuttings x_X 
0062::You are no longer under the effect of Profundity. 
0050::Your Thunder hits the thistletail marmot for 349 points of damage. 
0051::The thistletail marmot readies Somersault Slash. 
0051::The thistletail marmot's Somersault Slash hits you for 95 points of damage. 
0050::Your Radiance hits the thistletail marmot for 184 points of damage. 
0005:Wint Aru                        :Lol

As you can see, these contain very useful information, but also personal information, such as linkshell/party/tell traffic.

Many people have been working on various parsers to report everything from damage to crafting results. However, for any reporting to be useful we would need to gather logs from many many people, and then we run into an invasion of privacy issue.

In preparation for launching a loot parser I will first be releasing a log cleaner that you can run on your machine, that will take these log files and remove all personal information (say/party/linkshell/tell chat traffic) and then combine the 50+ log files into a single file that you can upload to anyone who is collecting log files for the purposes of parsing things out of them.

Also a quick question for people in the know, when I combine these log files, should I keep the no \n format that SE is using or delimiter the file with \n's for even easier parsing?
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Thanks for your work on this.

I vote for delimit.
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I havent got a clue about the \n stuff, I just got to know, did you win?
#4 Sep 27 2010 at 9:14 AM Rating: Good
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This sounds pretty useful. I have some experience working with parsing text files (god save me from having to write another XML parser) if you ever want some help with this project. Just out of curiosity, what language are you working in?

I would highly suggest using the \n as a delimiter only, most programs will put in their own newline characters for easier reading and parsing without something simple and straight forward like \n is truly a pain. Another option would be to put in a non-visual character that is now defunct. 007 could work well, since noone uses BELL anymore.

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#5 Sep 27 2010 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
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There are a few sites out there with parsers for crafting and such. While I don't really like the end result of parsers in a community (pigeonholing classes etc...) I do like to know that I'm growing my char in the right direction and parsing is the best way to do it.

The crafting database will be really nice once they get enough data, but then what? We end up with rumors about facing directions on day x at time y and doing a clap emote 6 times supported by a normal trend where there's a .01% increase....

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