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#1 Sep 27 2010 at 8:52 AM Rating: Excellent
This got started elsewhere, but I figured it would be easier to have a thread with a more readily identifiable subject. (In case you couldn't tell from my other thread, I'm a big fan of organization.) So use this thread to introduce yourself!

I'm Kagu Tsuchi, started in Ul'dah but spend my time pretty much evenly divided between the three cities. I started out as a marauder this time, but have been doing both that and gladiator, with a little dabbling in blacksmithing. You probably won't see me in game a whole lot, as medical school keeps me rather busy, but I like to browse the forums during class so expect to see me contributing a lot in here. =P
IRC: Kagutsuchi

Formerly of Lakshmi, now in Asura

Kagu Tsuchi
#2 Sep 27 2010 at 9:59 AM Rating: Excellent
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Well, I guess we might get this started then!

I'm an old FFXI player who also started when it was fresh new, and dealt with all sorts of problem alot of people are dealing with on FFXIV as well! I'm Colt Hikari and I haven't been able to play that long so far, so I'm still in Gridania. Currently a Conjurer, but eventually will switch classes here and there just like how I fancied in Vana'Diel.
I'm an European player (GMT) so I'll usually be online during the night! Also, I'm not much of a talker here in Zam.
#3 Sep 27 2010 at 10:21 AM Rating: Excellent
9 posts
Hi I am Chris Chriscoonerz,

I use to be a WoW player I've done end game fight and hard mode. I recently switch to FF14 on the launch of the pre-order. I started a Gladiator, I am currently Lvl 17, Glad 16, Marauder 8, Pugilist 8, Blacksmith 8, Fishing 7, Culinairy 10, Goldsmith 2.

I hope that I will be joining some of you in a party soon, looking forward to have some quest buddy.

See you on the realm.

#4 Sep 27 2010 at 2:59 PM Rating: Excellent
56 posts
Fisk Stillman, fishing fanatic! There's so much I want to do in game but for now I'm concentrating on gathering and selling with leveling culinary on the side. As you can see by my choices, I'm not a very smart player but I'm having a great time! ;)

I used to play FFXI for about 4~5ish years, had WAR, DRG, WHM, BRD, BST, and NIN leveled up to 60~69, never did last genkai. :( I fished lots then too, obtaining a Lu Shang rod.

See you in-game!
#5 Sep 28 2010 at 12:05 AM Rating: Excellent
29 posts
Rene Descartes. Played EQ, FFXI, WoW, Guild Wars and Aion. Quit FFXI during the great BST nerf of '05, but willing to give SE another chance. My main DoW class will be MRD, and DoH main is still undecided, taking them all to 10 and seeing what I like the best.
Rene Descartes
#6 Sep 28 2010 at 9:35 AM Rating: Excellent
PM Me When You're Sober
15,787 posts
Hi, I'm Codyy from cerberus of FFXI. I still have that character, but I don't much play. Here on FFXIV, I'm Fantom Roland and I'm just a lowly level 7 Thaumaturge. College really doesn't give you a lot of leveling time in game.
#7 Sep 28 2010 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
452 posts
Hello all! My online name is Chacham but people tend to just call me Cha. Ive been playing FF11 since 2001 but been on and off the game several times. ATM im trying to get back online. Anyways i decided to give FF14 a try.. so far im enjoying it. My main intention on 14 is to become a top notch weaver (just like on 11) and an archer. I like making friends and i do like to chat a lot while i play. Im in PR thats Atlantic time just in case... but i do play odd hours regardless of my location.

I do tend to post a lot in the forums and im not afraid of a friendly even tempered debate :) hope to bump into you guys online. Oh! Im in ul'dah usually running around like a headless chicken because there is so much that i want to do but don't know with which one to start. anyways... See you online!
Final Fantasy 11{Retired, might come back tho}
Chacham (hume F)Bastok Rank 10 (Windy Rank 4) siren server
Whm 75 blm 41
smn 40 bard 75
Chachypoo(mithra)(on hold)
Final Fantasy 14{No Longer Exists}
Chacham Fromsiren (Seeker if the Sun Miqo'te) Ul'dah Rabanastre server
Weaver / Archer / Botanist /Leather
#8 Sep 28 2010 at 11:55 AM Rating: Excellent
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Schrodingers Cat here. Been leveling Pugilist but hit diminishing returns for both job and physical after gettin lvl 17 in that class. Gonna be crafting while I wait for the roadblocks to be lifted. Hoping to get to 15 armorer today or tomorrow!
#9 Sep 29 2010 at 3:02 AM Rating: Excellent
764 posts
Schrodingers Cat, I see you everywhere I go!! >.> Fantastic name by the way.

Anyways, My character is Mana Mori, currently Maurader and Pugilist mainly with a bit of dabbling for skills in others. As far as crafting I fish and cook though they aren't widely useful yet, I suspect they will be somewhere down the road and I am preparing for that. Do lv 20 leve runs with groups daily, throw me a tell if you see me and want to join in^^

#10 Oct 01 2010 at 12:56 PM Rating: Excellent
46 posts
Akaryu in the forums, Mavix in FFXI, Zack Hashimouri in FFXIV~

Played WoW, EQ2, FFXI (since release to present and on going), and now here. I like to be the Jack of all Trades and a great team player. If you need to destroy some monsters, feel free to send me a /tell. Just add "ZAM" so I know where you're coming from. Currently working on getting all crafts/jobs up simultaneously. LV20 atm (10/1/2010)
#11 Oct 01 2010 at 1:11 PM Rating: Excellent
19 posts

Tyrrien Irinnis here, I'm a citizen of Ul'dah as well. I'm currently enjoy the #%#@$! out of this world and my time has been spent as a Lancer, going to do some Gladiator soon and dabbled in mining to give my retainer things to sell :)

Nice to be here, hope to see you all in-game!
Tyrrien Irinnis
Rabanastre Server
#12 Oct 01 2010 at 3:44 PM Rating: Excellent
16 posts
Eric Scorpio here and I've been doing a little bit of everything really. Started in Ul'Dah, so far I have 3 crafting jobs on the go (Black, Gold, Armorer) all at ~10+, a 12+ Miner and lv 10 Marauder and Thaumaturge. I've also traveled the world finding the camps just to get a feel of the different landscapes.

Been loving the game thus far and finally had a buddy join in which has made it a little more fun so far.

Aside from a few technical issues from the game, I got no complaints. I also haven't picked a linkshell yet, which I suppose I will do eventually lol.
<FFXI> Erictech - Ramuh (retired (2004-2006))
#13 Oct 02 2010 at 10:57 PM Rating: Excellent
119 posts
Hey everyone! Glad to see these forums have server-specific stuff. I chose Rabanastre sort of arbitrarily since the server I played on during OB, Mysidia, wasn't on my list when I got on.

The name's Laurana Drakoid, a Miq'ote Seeker of the Sun hailing from Ul'Dah. I'm a lancer by heart, but dabble in Carpentry, Blacksmithing, Goldsmithing, and Leatherworking. Don't do a lot of gathering, except fishing when taking the boat from Ul'dah to Limsa.
Gonna be playing rather casually, I think. I'm working on two senior theses in school so I really SHOULDN'T be on too much, but I'd be more than happy to group up with people for some leves whenever I'm on.

I'm an old EQ player (that is, first few expansion of EQ, not that I am old myself), but haven't played a lot of MMO's since. Little bit of RO and GW and that's about it. Huge FF fan though, which is why I'm here. Never played FFXI because I originally didn't like the idea of an FF online, but I wanted to give SE a chance!

Also, Schrodinger's Cat, I see you everywhere I go too! Clearly there is some quantum mechanic at work here...
FFXIV: Laurana Drakoid | Lancer | Alchemist | Rabanastre
#14 Oct 03 2010 at 3:45 AM Rating: Excellent
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Hello Rabanastrans!

Tyjet Mikami here. I started on SE release, but I played the open beta before that. I'm a current subscriber to FFXI, but I'm not playing it much right now. At the moment I'm leveling Marauder so I can get Defender. Afterwards, I'll be working on getting Pugilist to level 6 for Second Wind. After that, I'll start leveling Gladiator. I had a lot of fun with that class in open beta, so I knew I wanted to get some utility skills and abilities from Pugilist and Marauder before I started leveling it. I'm also a fisher. I do a little bit of it on the side and I enjoy it for the most part. I can't wait to see what Eorzea has in store for all of us. I'm hoping it will be similar to my early FFXI experiences. So far, it's looking that way.

Also, does anyone have a linkshell I could join? I'm looking for a social LS to call home.
Tijet - Rank 10 Windurst
Server: Lakshmi
#15 Oct 04 2010 at 12:23 PM Rating: Excellent
1 post
Well, kinda just joined it on a whim, glad to see the forums are active for it tho!

My chars names Dhuyhu Datura, and currently trying to decide if i like lancer or pug more, but avoiding any crafts for the time being :P
Played ff11 when there was a Pandy server, WAR/NIN xD
Dhuyhu Datura - Rabanastre Kitty of great Justice!
#16 Oct 04 2010 at 9:38 PM Rating: Excellent
937 posts
nkari127 wrote:
Schrodingers Cat here. Been leveling Pugilist but hit diminishing returns for both job and physical after gettin lvl 17 in that class. Gonna be crafting while I wait for the roadblocks to be lifted. Hoping to get to 15 armorer today or tomorrow!
I partied with you last night for a Behest.

We should definitely set up more behests groups for all of the forum members to join.
Tijet - Rank 10 Windurst
Server: Lakshmi
#17 Oct 05 2010 at 8:45 PM Rating: Excellent
6 posts
My char is Paput Namu, currently lvl 13 ARC looking for party to join with. I used to play FFXI as Paladin and with all the bored in tank-ing mobs, trying for new job and class.
#18 Oct 05 2010 at 8:48 PM Rating: Good
6 posts
My char is Paput Namu, currently lvl 13 ARC looking for party to join with. I used to play FFXI as Paladin and with all the bored in tank-ing mobs, trying for new job and class.
#19 Oct 06 2010 at 7:16 AM Rating: Good
3 posts
Hi! My character is Mizra Een and I just started last night. I can tell that FFXIV will be a great deal of fun, I have to say that my first experience was one of total confusion. I spent most of my first night trying to find out how to do the levequests and, after failing that, just trying to find the way out of my city. I finally managed to find the gate and I've been outside killing star marmots ever since.
I have no doubt that once I do some research and figure out how the quest system works I will have a blast, but I am unsure how effective it is to just sort of dump brand new players into a maelstrom of confusing game features with no guide.
Anyway, I hope to see you all in-game!
If a million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
Anatole France
#20 Oct 07 2010 at 11:08 PM Rating: Good
22 posts
Allo. This is Kulv Runa reporting in. Started in Gridinia. I played an Elvaan back in FFXI. Was trying show that Elvaan's can still be good Black Mages. Did play WoW for a while too. Main was a druid, then came my rogue and a paladin. I do like how they set up your stat points. Makes any race be able to be any class. I started out as a pugilist, but have picked up archery and a little bit of conjury. I am going to see how well a pugilist can offtank. My game seems a bit laggy in combat atm, hopefully that will change. Had to pick up mining and goldsmithing to repair my Horas. Picked up leatherworking and weaving, though not having much luck with undyed hempen cloth. Hope to see you guys around! I usually play anywhere from 5pm-11pm CST.
#21 Oct 08 2010 at 2:07 AM Rating: Good
1 post
Hello. My ingame name is Lord Megatron. Lurking around as a pugilist and botching up synths is what Im usually up to! Am willing to operate as a teleport taxi to the 3 main cities if anyone needs it. See you all soon!
#22 Oct 08 2010 at 2:17 AM Rating: Good
19 posts
Hello, my in game name is Kaae Tekal. I picked up FF11 in 2003 but stopped in 2007 for wow. I had some friends come to this server and decided to make it my home for the game as well. If I'm not running around exploring on my pugalist, you can probably see me in Gridania crafting in the ebony stalls or afk peddling my wares outside the adventurer's guild. It is good to meet you all and I look forward to seeing you around game!
#23 Oct 08 2010 at 4:08 PM Rating: Good
180 posts
Hi my name is Iruki Waraki (taken from that super cool taru that hands out the ffxi puppetmaster quests.) I played ffxi on the valefor server for about 7 years, and am now enjoying my time in ffxiv immensely. I started out in Gridania, but I have access to all three starting towns.

So far I've just been trying to set up a good base for a long time character. I've crafted, fished, and leveled a ton but am still quite low leveled LOL. I've also spent a lot of time on my CON going out and healing/buffing as many people as I can find that need it. Just trying to instill that great ffxi community into this game.

If you see me walking around and need any help with anything let me know! That usually turns into a lot more fun than anything I was starting out to do. ^ ^

See you ingame

Edited, Oct 8th 2010 6:10pm by Libtech

#24 Oct 09 2010 at 9:42 AM Rating: Good
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I'm Kahlan Simone. I play an archer shes currently lvl 10. I have been working on some of my crafting skill. Its tought to get used to since as a wow player crafting was much more easy. I live in Europe and am usually on in the evenings after school and work. I have been serching for a LS but have had no luck, so I just go about my lvling.
#25 Oct 09 2010 at 3:15 PM Rating: Good
7 posts
Hello everyone My ingame name is William Godfray , I played scene alpha 7 . My main is Gla but I plan on and have been leveling Arm GLD LTW WVR MIN MRD PUG ive gotten only too 10 on most of them 14 is my highest.
All I want to do is to be able to help and support my friends and just have a good time and enjoy the game.
I played FF11 from the time it was released in America on the pc , to right before the level limit increased.
Valefor was my server of choice, My friends and I started a Linkshell in FF14 called GuardiansOfTwelve
If anyone is interested in joining a social/crafting shell just send me a message in game.
#26 Oct 10 2010 at 9:06 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Hi, I'm Tak

I have 2 characters going

1- Takkers Moolini / Currently 11 Marauder
2- Dubstep Massive / Currently 6 Conjurer

Would love to meet up with some people in game, go do some leves/grinding...just trying to get a hang of things still :-)
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