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Way to search for players & jobs?Follow

#1 Sep 27 2010 at 2:12 PM Rating: Good
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In XI you could "/sea all WAR" and see where every WAR on the server currently was & if they were looking for a party or had anything to sell, or you could "/sea name Bob" and find everyone whose name started with Bob. Is there anything like that in XIV?

Last night a player was running past me and there was something I wanted to buy in their bazaar (I hate how you stop running when you Browse!) and I could never find him again and he never answered my /tells. I could have sworn I read something about a search function in XIV but now I can't find anything. Thanks!
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under the party tab (assuming you've been the class you're searching for) you can search the server. However as I said you have to have been the class in the first place. I'm assuiming this was to encourage people to buy every weapon and crafting tool... I dunno. But once you have all the selections opened from equiping the appropriate weapon types you can more or less search all.
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