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#1 Sep 28 2010 at 3:50 AM Rating: Decent
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G'day guys,

As I live in Aus and in an student apartment complex I'm having trouble getting any form of hard wired internet (including naked). As its a private apartment complex we cannot get any other provider then the one the complex offers. There only option offered is joining the wifi net for the apartment complex but at prices of $20 per 1GB its not an option.

I currently am limited to 7GB through iphone tethering plan. Is this adequate as I would be on 1hour a day. MB per hour usage?

The other issue is regarding patch downloads which I know can be quite large... Can I take my latop (no where near good enough to play) with ff14 installed to university where students have unlimited download while on campus, download the latest patches then copy the updated folder back to desktop ready to play?

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Do you have a phone line? Is there any reason why, if you do, you could not get an ADSL based connection? $20 per 1GB is scandalous! Is there no way you could complain about that? Thats more expensive than what mobile operators charge :/ Even in the UK, where our internet is like 20 year behind the rest of the world!
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