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#1 Sep 28 2010 at 7:22 AM Rating: Good
Hey folks, thought I'd post something other than the typical complaint and tech thread. I'm looking to create some maps to help us disciples of the land, since google seems to enjoy giving me the finger when I look for a map with the gathering node locations. I can find a basic one for La Noscea, and even that is an old one from beta. I'm looking to create ones that handle the Black Shroud, Thanalan, and a more in depth one for La Noscea. But I'm only one man and I can't attempt this alone. So I'm asking the community fr a hand. I'm looking for screenshots of the locations from the map and from the ground. To do this, you're going to need to hit the prtscr key and paste the image to paint or a similar program. Notes about the node can be helpful as well, since quarry nodes can appear by rivers as well as in caves, there could be mobs around that could make gathering a pita, etc. Anything along those lines would be a great help.

Also I'm looking for the zone maps that are black and white, since the color ones I can get are a pain to deal with when it comes to ensuring the mark is visible. I've also talked to Wint about doing something similar with the google map feature zam has if the notes can be set on a filter. Any help would be greatly appreciated by myself and many others.
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I'll try to snag some shots around Gridania since that is where I currently am.
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