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#1 Sep 28 2010 at 8:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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well ive very much enjoyed the game so far, however it seems im stuck in a bit of a rut,
im rank 10 lancer, 6carpenter, 6pug, phys 12 and im still in starting gear (apart from some hempen doublet thing i got from a leve, the ONLY reward other than money ive had so far...) so the fact im still in starting gear hasnt bothered me, up until now when mobs are actually getting tougher and starting to hit like trucks or be tickled from my spear... now heres the rant

why should i have to wander around trying to find some materials for a craft i dont have leveld therfor having to find someone whos high enough rank, then willing to take 5 minuts out to craft a material for me.. then find someone else to turn that into another material so that i can craft one upgrade item for a few levels.. failing that...why should i HAVE to level EVERY craft myself to do that.. they said this game was aimed at both hardcore players and normal players... back on 11 i was a hardcore player but i am in the process of moving in with my girlfriend and working so im not having alot of time to play,the time sink from NM camping on 11 has changed to a time sink of just normal game stuff you should expect to be able to do within maybe 10 mins max... also repairing.. i really hate dura on games .. this is just a personal opinion but i really wouldnt miss the repair system at all... i would much rather spend the short amount of time leveling something i enjoy than **** around trying to do all of that ^^^ just so i can level what i enjoy

the lack of AH makes all this even more frustrating.. anyways, theres my bit rant.

ahh i feel better getting that out =D

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You're not wrong...

I'm a 13 LNC and I can't find a weapon other than my Lvl 1 spear. I've given up on it until I can get a new weapon.

Long term I think the idea is that the various ingredients will start to become more widely available from other crafts so that if you just focus on one or two, you should be able to get by and build what you need - in theory.

In practice I see things as being a bit more messy. The set of ingredients for say, Harpoon, are so varied that presently there will be no easy way to find all them efficiently - even if they are made and available.

SE has given us a great varied crafting system with no way to distribute and/or purchase what we need to make proper use of it.
Wada: "There may be some areas of testing that were lacking or too rigid."
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