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Some questions about armor repair, making gil, crafting.Follow

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Hi, I have a few questions. I've been playing since the start of open beta and I feel like I have a hang of most of it, but I have a few things I wanted to ask about.

If you want to repair your armor yourself, is it the armorer class that does this? How? What are the best ways you've found to make gil, other than vendoring the stuff that drops off mobs? I personally haven't tried using a retainer yet, but mainly because I figure all the low level stuff I have from fighting marmots, etc, is the same exact stuff that the 100s of retainers are already carrying, so I can't see too many people buying it. I do all of my levequests when they are available, but I'm trying to buy all of the weapons and tools for all jobs so it's expensive. Also, leveling my archer, I've found that arrows are also pricey.

For crafting, when seeing the various colors of orbs, can anyone say for sure which actions should be done with which color for the most success? Sometimes it seems random. Thanks.

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