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I would like a in depth explanation on gear, as in, is there any disadvantages (if so what?) to wearing gearing not optimized for your class? is there any disadvantages (if so what?) to buying ahead and getting gear thats over 10 ranks ahead of you? Any additional information regarding these questions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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Yes and no. While I haven't been able to see if each piece of equipment was done individually (doubt it), the equipment is scaled so that an optimum piece of equipment is always better than a higher level piece of equipment. For example, if you are rank 5 and have a rank 1, 10, and 15 pieces of equipment, the rank 1 piece of equipment will have the same stats as the other pieces until rank 10. At rank 10, the rank 10 piece will have the stats listed on it and will be better than the rank 15 piece until rank 15.

This was only done with Pugilist weapons, so I'm not actually sure if equipment follows the same guidelines, but I suspect it will.
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As far as I know from Beta if you equip gear with a higher level than your actual class the stats will be reduced.
For example I switched between a body around Lv13 and one Lv25 or so and even though the Lv25 had way better defense and other stats on it my defense was lower than with the Lv13 one when I put it on.
I guess the same goes for classes. The items stats will be reduced according to your level and class.
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