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#1 Sep 29 2010 at 6:28 AM Rating: Good
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Just a few questions i have been pondering over the last day or so:

How do i top up my favor thing, i started with 200 and currently down to about 50.

Up till now i've just been soloing and doing levequests, did trio some with friends but it was hardly a party situation as i know it from FFXI. are there camp spots people have found, etc?

Is there a tank role/provoke action for any of the classes?

Mob levels? basically really miss the check command, generally i just know to stay clear of red mobs. But is there any more depth or maybe a listing of the color/difficulty.
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Guardia favor is refreshed 10 every 12hrs (conflicting results on if thats Earth hours or Eorzean Hours - im pretty sure its Earth hours though)

Some folks party up and spots will be found for party grinding but as yet alot of folks stick to the solo/duo/trio.

Gladiator gets Provoke @10 and Pugilist get Taunt @10.

Mob Levels
Blue = Easy Prey
Green = Decent Challenge (careful, greens can be deceptively difficult sometimes)
Yellow = Tough
Orange = Very Tough
Red = Incredibly Tough
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