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#1 Sep 29 2010 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
So me and my buddy have been conversing about the possibilty of more jobs/classes and how you come about attaining them. And one of our ideas was something similar to Final Fantasy 2's. Where each class, once leveled enough can branch into two or more specific classes with more defined abilities and roles in parties.

This may be complete hogwash, maybe it'll be the same as in XI where theres quests to gain them, but we wouldn't think they would repeat themselves and that they'd try something new.

Example: Archer ---> Ranger / Corsair
Pugilist --> Monk / Ninja / Thief?

Now we have other thoughts of possible classes for each current job that i haven't listed. But i'd like to hear what you guys think. If you think theres no way its like this or if you think might actually be close to something they'd come up with. Also if you would like to expand on this please feel free.


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This has been talked about previously and extensively, 6 months or so before the game was released into public beta (not open beta, but when the first wave of public invites went out). I think more likely than this possibility is using effective traits from other classes to build your own sandbox character. As it seems currently people who are using different skills learned from different disciplines are actually out damaging a pure class, but this is still yet to be determined for higher levels and is still not widely known/accepted as true.


If anything I would say there are no new classes that can be "unlocked" or learned once reaching a level. I do forsee SE coming out with a couple different classes and traits that can further enhance the sandbox attitude that is seeming to be one of the core structures of the game.

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It has even been alluded to be a FF Tactics type system.

However one part is missing, and that is the actual transition into another class.

Right now you're a Pugilist even if you have mostly Lancer abilities.

It would be very cool if the game recognized what traits and abilities you had to basically create a new class on the fly.

Pugilist/w Gladiator and Lancer Abilites ----> Chocobo Knight.
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