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#1 Sep 29 2010 at 5:21 PM Rating: Good
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I'm pretty new to the game and would say that so far I have invested less than average time in to it. I've ran from LL to Gradania (via ferry etc.) so have seen a few pretty large zones but there seems to be a very distinct lack of baddies. Not in numbers (although they too are few with the amount of people chasing the same one) but in variation.

MARMOTS! Everywhere you go there's a load of them. They're not cute or iconic. They're just there. Everywhere.

I don't really like drawing on comparisons between XI and XIV but I will. In XI the creatures you fought were *monsters*. They were cute and iconic, then worked up to being big bad and nasty. Mandragoras, six-limbed crabs and two-legged bunnies. ****, even the wasps were iconic. Everything was memorable.
Now, in FFXIV I feel like I am going to get the RSPCA knocking on my door. MARMOTS! How many bloody marmots must I kill in order to get a bit stronger? Then what do you move on to? Dodos! No wonder they're extinct. The crabs in The Black Shroud look a great deal more realistic than the old blue ones from XI. You can even go and bludgeon antelopes.

Again, I've not had chance to explore (and I'm not high enough level to really) but I honestly do miss the faint grunt of a goblin that I didn't notice because I changed the camera to Chase-Cam. I miss beastmen generally. I'm not even sure if they're in this game. I sincerely hope they are, because going out and killing marmots, dodos and antelope with no real purpose - no reason to get stronger except to get stronger - is akin to that batty cow that stuck the cat in the bin.

So there.

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*Readies Nutkick. -insert new iconic sound.
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