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What are the biggest improvements from FFXI to FFXIV?Follow

#1 Sep 29 2010 at 8:00 PM Rating: Good
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For me, some of the big ones are;

-Great graphics and animations. I don't remember FFXI looking so great when it came out, but this game looks fantastic.

- Ability to solo effectively. This does a lot to make me not feel like a ponce, not to mention it saves a ton of time if I only have a couple hours to play.

- Ability to see multiple linkshell chats going on at once. That way I know which is the busiest and I never have to stop chatting.

- No exp loss when dying. Probably one of my most hated aspects of FFXI is thankfully gone in this. Any progress I make is permanent. Although I do think the rate your gear deteriorates is a little much, and I hope they adjust it in a future update.

- Much larger areas that I can traverse without zoning. Helps immerse me in the world. I quickly quit Age of Conan once I realized how small and instanced the areas were.

- Crafting is much more fun, complex, and rewarding. It feels like it's actually worth the effort, and not just a side novelty.
#2 Sep 29 2010 at 8:38 PM Rating: Good
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I'll second the lack of zoning. Although every time I get near a transition, I half expect a short load screen!

I like being able to put my stats where I want. If I have a hard time hitting things with my lance, I can put stuff into DEX. If I'm hitting fine and want more power, I can put them into STR. This lets me play my class how I want to. Especially if I start mixing and matching class skills and need stats that my primary class may not have been focused on.

I really like that crafting and gathering classes are full on classes now. I like getting skill points for every attempt (and more for success!). It makes the progression feel so much more exciting.

I also LOVE that multiple people can harvest from the same point concurrently. The blind running around while tabbing only to get beat was always such a pain. Now, if I want to go out and gather, a little competition isn't gonna hurt me.

I like that crystals just drop, no Signet required. As a mainly solo player in XI, it was slow going when I needed to gather crystals since any EP mobs would nearly kill me.

I like the color-coded enemy levels. It was a pain having to hit /check every time you saw something. Now, you target it and you know (granted the strength seems to vary a bit...)

I'm sure there will be more the more I play.

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#3 Sep 29 2010 at 11:34 PM Rating: Good
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Personally, I think the XI animations were (for the most part) more refined.

I also hate how when I look at something in XIV, my head just SNAPs right to it, and when I de-select, it SNAP right back straight ahead.

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#4 Sep 29 2010 at 11:37 PM Rating: Default
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Well its 100 times easier than 11 and still 100 times to difficult for the mindless zombies, I mean wow kids to play
#5 Sep 30 2010 at 12:00 AM Rating: Decent
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thehellfire wrote:
Well its 100 times easier than 11 and still 100 times to difficult for the mindless zombies, I mean wow kids to play

Why must everyone always rag on wow? Is that a common flaw with fanboys? Wow's for a different type of person, nothing more to say about it.

On topic: I agree with the list, I also would like to add the minimap and the ability to continue running while I have the map open. It was quite annoying having to either autorun and open the map in xi or stopping if I was in a dangerous place so I wouldn't aggro anything and see which way I was supposed to go.
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#6 Sep 30 2010 at 12:10 AM Rating: Good
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I won't bother speaking on the look, because that's a no-brainer.

I consider the best update the customization level. Being able to work towards creating your own "job" is pretty intriguing.

I also want to mention that's it's terribly unfair to compare a game on/before it's official release date to a game that's had several years of refinement. XI is going to be better in many ways, short-term, a more fair comparison would be XI on it's original Japanese release day and XIV now.
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