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On crafting leves, materials and mail...Follow

#1 Sep 30 2010 at 2:35 AM Rating: Good
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I've been alot into crafting lately doing nothing but DoH the whole time and I like making all that great stuff...wait, I can't make alot of good stuff because everything good seems to require materials or subskills from other DoHs.
Ok I've got no problem with that if the changes to the market wards take effect and one can finally find the stuff they need but there are still some things that bother me and I'm sure many other crafters as well.

#1 Crafting leves:
Leves are a great way to improve your skills and also provide usefull Materials as rewards. But sometimes you take on a leve and can't complete it because you fail every synth. That could be really bad luck or the wrong tool but it's more likely that the reciepe is just too high for you or you lack some required subskill.
The leves just say "Recommended xx [enter DoH here]" but te reciepe can also be level xx+5 or so which makes completing these leves nearly impossible except there is a trick to it I couldn't figure out yet.

It would be nice if they could either tell us the required skill of the leves as close as 1-2 levels and also if any other DoH skill is required for that reciepe.
However that's less of a problem but more of an annoyance since you'll have to check online what skill level a reciepe requires.

#2 Materials required for synths:
Almost every reciepe for a weapon/armor/tool requires some material from another DoH than it's created with. While this is nice and will make sure every DoH will be needed some of these materials are too high level.
A good example is the birdsbeak hammer for blacksmith which can be made at lvl6 blacksmith but requires a undyed canvas which is weaver lvl21.

Either such materials are made available from a vendor or guild shop or they change the reciepes to require some material of the same level range as the item you try to make.

#3 Reciepe book:
Although SE stated they would create somthing like that so we can look up reciepes I still miss the implementation of it. I hope to see that comming soon.

#4 Mail:
Another case of "Why didn't they implement features of FFXI?". It's inconvenient for players to travel to the same place just to be able to exchange some items. They should implement a mail system even if Tanaka said that they want people to exchange items from person to person. If not they should increase anima regeneration to 2 points per hour.

That being said, I'm having a great time playing and crafting so far and I hope SE will improve the game as soon as possible because It has alot of potential.

PS: please get rid of that party Exp bug soon...
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