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Can you be MINER/MARAUDER? Follow

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This is a real newb question and I'm sorry but in my server nobody seems to talk :(

I'm a miner - lvl 10 I have a few questions:

1.) I can't seem to understand the strategy of mining? I always get the message "You are closer..." "Its promising" and the little aim point that goes dark orange in full, whats the point of showing the ore vs lower? Is there a strategy on this? Because I literally spends 10-15 minutes per mining point just to end up with nothing. I get 5 tries and 4 hits and I hardly get anything and when I finally do it's damaged :(

2.) Can I change my axe to a weapon to kill some mobs to get some crystals? I dont know how else I can get some crystals.

To anybody that would answer I appreciate your help! Thank you!!!
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Will help you a lot. Specifically the Miner's Guide.
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mwalls wrote:
2.) Can I change my axe to a weapon to kill some mobs to get some crystals? I dont know how else I can get some crystals.

Since someone answered your first question, I'll answer your second. No, you cannot use your pickaxe to fight. If you want to be a Marauder, you need to buy and use an axe for the Marauder class.
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The gathering professions in FFXIV all boil down to a simple game of hot&cold, if it says you feel something promising that means your really close to mining something so next swing just move it out a bit either you will hit an item or you will move away from the mark and have to go the other way next swing. For your other question you can switch classes any time you want (but not when your character is in active mode) if you have the proper weapon/tool for the class you want to change to.
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Thank you all for your replies.

I guess my guessing game is not very good. Because whenever I hit a point and it says that it's getting hot, do I hit again on top of that point or left or right? or bottom? do you always swing harder or lighter? whats the best way to approach it? I have about 2 hours of game play, having work, baby, husband and lol all the things that comes with working mom :) and I've always played FFXI. Anyway, I just don't understand this part and I spend 1 hour to mine just to end up with 2-3 items in my bag :( I spend most of my time not getting anything and when I ask in-game nobody really bothers to reply so I sometimes like the "rest" time when the server is down that I get someone to answer my noobness.

Someone says that you can change your Main Weapon to become a mob killer - where do I get a weapon? I have $1200gil because someone was nice enough to buy my 2 earth shards for that since I needed a hammer to do my blacksmithing too. Anyway, if I have to kill a mob I can't keep throwing rock on it? is there a way to kill a monster and be a full time miner? or does this only works if you are a DoW sub Miner and not the other way arond?

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Walls, stop overthinking this, lol.. There are no "subjobs" anymore. This isn't FFXI

Equip a pick ax, you're a miner, congrats, don't try to attack monsters.
If you want to be a marauder, buy an ax. Not sure where to get one? Up top of the screen on this site: Database -> Items -> Weapons -> Marauder. Click the weathered ax, or w/e it is called. Click the "Sold by" tab and then select the NPC for the city you are by. Go to that NPC, buy the ax.
Equip the ax, and congrats, now you're a marauder, now you can go kill stuff.

If you go to the leve NPC, there are tutorial leves, one should be for mining. Do it, it will teach you how to mine.

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