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Do higher level enemies actually give more skill xp?Follow

#1 Sep 30 2010 at 12:26 PM Rating: Decent
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Have any of you tested this? I have killed EP enemies and gotten more skill XP than an IT dodo, but that can be attributed to luck. The only reason IT dodos ever give me a larger amount of skill XP at the end of a fight is because the fight took longer. I personally haven't noticed any drastic difference in amount or frequency of skill XP when fighting higher level enemies. It seems when I gain a skill-up, it will range between 30-80 skill. This seems true for both EP and IT mobs.

It's also difficult to determine what gives the best skill XP per hour. Skill XP is based on chance. It seems to me, if you could fight a single enemy for and hour as opposed to 50 enemies in an hour, the 1 enemy route would give more skill XP (assuming you kill it at the 1 hour mark) than the 50 enemy route because the 50 enemy route would require travel time and the 1 enemy route would not. Of course, the 50 enemy route would give a lot more physical XP.

So has anyone noticed an increased amount or frequency of skill XP when fighting higher level enemies?

Something odd I have noticed is that PT members seem to be getting similar skill XP after killing an enemy. This seems odd when skill gains are supposedly random. I was in a group fighting Aldgoat and I was commenting on how we were only getting around 100 skill XP a fight. The next fight I got almost 300, so I commented on it right at the same time my PT member commented on it. This fight was not irregularly long either, which was the strange part. At first I just thought I got lucky, but after hearing my PT member got a similar amount, it started making me wonder if there's some sort of hidden system at work here.

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One of our devs said he managed to kill a yellow mob and got 0 class points.
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Higher levels give more class exp for me.. but only because they take longer to kill. More attacks = higher chance of a skill point proc.
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I think overall, yes...sometimes...maybe lol. I was killing orange & red crabs in beta and getting very random class exp. 0 a few times, others 500. You can also get 100+ class exp/5 physical or somethin' crazy on a mob right outside of town. Sometimes with tougher mobs, the fight is too taxing on MP, too long, and more chance of death. Grinding on easier mobs faster does the trick. Really have to "shop around" so to speak and find something that's working. And then move on to another, etc.

I would say orange/red mobs definitely have better opportunity for the good experience, but it's not guaranteed.

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Yes, they can, but they're still a random element to it. There's never any guarantee that any particular skill or ability is going to grant a skillup when used, regardless of mob level. And there's nothing right now that I've seen suggesting mobs of a higher rank than your class rank can provide larger skillups than those closer to your level. The difference seems to be that if you're fighting red/orange mobs, it takes you longer to kill them than fighting green/yellow, meaning you use more abilities and each provides a chance at a skillup meaning it will seem that on a mob per mob basis, you are often getting more. When I'm grinding skill solo, I prefer orange/low red mobs because the fights tend to be more fun but I can get just as many (if not more) skillups in a given span of time if I can find an area that is densely packed with green/yellow mobs and no other players around because I can move from one fight to the next with less downtime and I miss less frequently.
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When considering xp earned over time, I generally get the same amount whether I'm grinding EP mobs or VT mobs.
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and from what i can tell the condition of your main-hand weapon may make a difference... i've seen a lot of people grinding with the red damage icon - that's when i check back in to town for repairs and to check my retainer.
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No they don't. It only seems like they do because they take longer to kill. As Pikko mentioned, you can kill something difficult and not get a **** thing. Unfortunately it's not even that rare, either.
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I frequently grind on yellow/orange mobs and I usually get at most 300 and usually around 150. Sometimes 0 but it's pretty rare. I have noticed that I get more skill points from things like spells and weapons skills on yellow or higher though. On green or lower, on average Radiance will get me around 50 points, on yellow or higher I get an average of 75-90 from Radiance. (That is when I get skill ups from it).

Do they give more per skill? It seems that way, but in the end I usually end up with roughly the same overall class skill gain per fight as say a green mob because the skill ups seem to come less frequently.

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