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I think SE doesn't give out calculators.Follow

#1 Sep 30 2010 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Do the devs at SE not have calculators? Is there a hold on office equipment?
This UI is awful time consuming. Now I understand it's better than the Beta, but it still has a terribly cumlative time punishment in all cases. I'm not going to get into every menu mechanic, so let's take something easy as an example.
Retainer interaction...
If it takes a minute to trade and post 1 item, and at the moment you can post a maximum of 10 items, that's 10 minutes. That's a conservative average too. It can take more than a minute to trade to your retainer, then go into auction and post it. Being as they are expanding the amount you can bazaar, if it's increased to 20 or 30 items, we're talking 1/2 hour sessions now.
You start adding up that with times it takes to bring up vendor screens, time spent bringing up bazaar screens x 50 in a zone, etc, we're looking at spending FAR more time in menus than is even remotely reasonable.
What's the deal with this UI lag? I don't get it, who at SE thought this was "ok"?
I want to play XIV, not spend 1/2 my playtime reading it.

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"Don't take it personally man, white knights would eat a can of **** if the label said SE on it. If anyone dared mention that it was not a good product, they'd just argue if someone can't appreciate the subtle nuances in the ****, they should just go back to eating lolrealfood, cuz the devs prolly know more about canning food than they do."
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Yeah, while I don't think the lag when dealing with retainers and npcs is a hidden design decision to add a time sink, it is poorly implemented. It is pretty bad and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. In its current state, it is not acceptable performance.
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Seems like they would have to overhaul a whole lot of their netcode to fix the slow slow menus.

Presently you need confirmation for each step for far too many things. WoW you could just click spam all your items even if there was lag -- they simply went gray if they were pending for a transfer to the bank/mailbox/etc. You didn't have to wait in between commands.

FFXIV it seems like they are trying to prevent as much data mining as possible, even for silly things. Just selling items the game has to ask the server for the price for each item each time you select sell rather than, say, all at once for all your items when you open the sell menu...
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