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The game exploited meFollow

#1 Oct 01 2010 at 3:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Honestly the following is no big deal to me, I've played quie a few Beta MMO's and even more from release on...

So today I was doing the same old level 10 Levequest, for whatever reason I began to get pummeled so I ran. MOBs followed me for a while, but I was killing one and then disengaging; healing while running, etc...

I still had 2 on me, I'm low HP and poisoned. I'm getting close to the Aerethite (sorry I still can't spell it, I wish they'd said Crystal) and poison wears off along with MOBs dissapearing from the radar. Ok I'm good to go, I'll heal and run back to the yellow spawn circle. Suddenly I get hit, HP drops from 100ish to 0, but I don't die in log or on screen.

I don't see the MOBs and I don't get hit again, so I figure I'll heal up next to the "crystal". I start checking my email and ZAM and then I bring XIV back to main screen. I'm still walking around but I can't target anyone. So I walk to the "crystal" I can target it.... now I'm confused. I realise my HP is still 0. Sure enough I have a return option in the Menu. So I use it. I go back to checking stuff on the net while I get out of weakness.

Now there's nothing on radar, I'm fully healed and it's beyond time to run back to the "MOBs are here" yelow circle thingy. I do so. No MOBs. I run all over the place, I still have 15ish minutes at this point. I run past, around, behind, retrace my steps, etc... no MOBs...

3 minutes left I decide to say ***** it. I run back to the "crystal" to fail my Leve. And suddenly I'm being attacked. My MOBs were there where they folowed me to the whole time (I'm guessing this is a partial bug, possibly alot of lag type issue). The second I strike the first one I R0.

Mind you I haven't R0'd ever, including Beta. Then I get a server error message. Then I can't log back in, not that it matters because I'm out of Kitchen Pass time.

Any way, don't run back to the Aerethite to "zone" your MOBs. It creates lots of... er... fun.
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There's a lot of issues in general in largely packed areas like Aethryte, it seems like the more people doing things in one spot, the exponentially larger chance of a bug/problem occurring.

They need to fix a lot of the issues with limited # of characters displayed and issues caused by too many people in one spot, or their hopes for large scale battles are going to be dashed, and we're going to end up with Beseiged 2.0 where you know there's a fight going on because you just got hit for 2500 damage from an AoE, but you can't see it.
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