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Trying to figure out purpose of LNC job.Follow

#1 Oct 01 2010 at 5:23 PM Rating: Default
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As the topic says.. im trying to figure out what the purpose of the job is. GLD (no shield) just seems superior in every way except for the lack of spammable bind, which is really only helpful in leves. Higher hp, higher damage, higher defense, more readily available gear upgrades. Am I missing something?
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lnc is the melee thau. Physical damage debuffer and utility class. It's great. Does need a wyvern though...
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A lot of higher LNC skills promote TP regeneration, which could definitely be very useful across the board. Based on the LNC skills I'm seeing plenty of reasons to take it far.

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#4 Oct 01 2010 at 5:38 PM Rating: Excellent
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except for the lack of spammable bind, which is really only helpful in leves.

And the spammable bind isn't even all that helpful, since the mob will continue to run away the second it wears off. I chased a fleeing mob for about five minutes, managed to cut ahead of it and spam binding attacks, and the instant I didn't have it rooted... it was gone.

Lancer looks to be, as others have said, a melee buffer/debuffer, but it's hard to say how it will play out later in the game. Early on it seems to be the most frustrating class to both level (because of accuracy issues) and gear (because no low-level gear has LNC on it).
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Most of LNC's ws's have debuffs on em, also theres speed surge(II) that helps the whole party with heals with every swing, albiet a small but every little helps.

This will help exp pts (if ppl start em and we get a decent search) and later endgame for stats that thuam cant give like inhibited
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Alright. thanks for your answers everyone
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Lancer is basically dancer without the big finishes. Awesome class in the hands of somebody who knows how to utilize its abilities to the fullest. On the side of dmg, dmg varies greatly from mob types. Some are weak to piercing (archers/lancers usually get a bonus with these), others are weak to slashing or blunt dmg. If you don't think the dmg is up to par, the mob probably isn't weak to piercing. As it stands, all combat classes have a place in a pt, one is not automatically superior to the other.
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lancers r cool cause we have big poles =P
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Despite retarded comments. Speed surge (1 if you want to call it that) heals the whole party. You don't have to wait for Speed Surge II. There is also a ability that allows the whole party to regenerate TP even faster. Hence more weapon skill spam = mob dead way faster. Stop using Heavy swing. Bind isn't worth it.

Leg sweep is pretty terrible ability I will tell you that. It's a 30 second recast and it's damage for a level 16 ability is mediocre. Moonrise I better. Also it's about 50% chance of stunning. Pathetic. Needs to be 100% chance of stunning if it's going to be a 30second recast on the ability.

Most of their abilities are kinda crappy. Invigorate drains your HP. So does Fercosity (sp?) Speed Surge is probably the only good thing coming out of the job. You miss A LOT. Way more than any other job I've noticed. I have 9 jobs 10+. So if you don't stay up to date with your weapon and acc rings then you're pretty much going to be a bad lancer.
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