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Which server should I choose?Follow

#1 Oct 01 2010 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey guys,

I just got my game, installed it, and already am running into a few problems.
I played in the OB for about a month and the first problem I'm having so far is that none of my character data is still around, even though I was told I'd be able to keep at least the character names, etc. I followed all of SE's instructions, and even the part when they said "Hey, if you want your characters back, do this!" ... I did it.
Oh well, not a huge deal. If someone steals my character name though, there will be blood!

Anyway, my bigger, more important question is the one in the topic title:
Which server?
I used to play on Mysidia in the OB. Good times. I also understand that it was a heavily Japanese server, so perhaps that's why it's now no longer on my list. That being said... a number of servers are not on my list anymore. Is this because of my region? (West coast American here)
If so, anyone got suggestions? Is there a THE SERVER to play on? I'm going into this MMO without any of my friends, which is uncommon for me, so it'd be nice if maybe there was a server most of ZAM is going on?

Granted, if I don't get any replies soon, I might just pick an arbitrary server and go from there. I'm itching to get back into the game and get my character back up to where she was, but I just want to hear what you guys have to say first.


Edit: I guess it'd be helpful if I put this here. Here's the list of servers that actually come up for me:
Kashuan, Bodhum, Melmond, Istory, Saronia, Fabul, Palamecia, Trabia, Rabanastre, Cornelia, Gysahl, Wutai

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